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Project Description
Booz is...
An extended version of the boo shell (booish2 to be precise).
Offers additional commands like cd, md, ls etc. I hope this shell can be used to take the position of/surpass the native windows shell in the near future.

Or alternatively "how I plan to make it different from booish"
There's no dearth of good command shells in this world but then again who doesn't want a boo shell? :) You will be able to use this shell to not only carry out your regular shell based activities but also much more than that, given that you have the full power of boo at your disposal.

This is a pre-alpha release of the booz shell; needless to say tread with caution and patience. Some functionality/syntax will in all probability change over the course of its development.

About the name...I planned to use the name booshell but its a mouthful. A natural abbreviation would be boos but the pronunciation is/may be awkward hence for the time being I have decided to settle on booz :) Also feel free to suggest a better name in the discussion forum.

Starting booz

How to build the source code
Simply load the solution in ShapDevelop (3.1) and build.

Screen-shot (and sample usage!)


  1. Prepare roadmap
  2. Prepare detailed requirements
  3. Expand the todo list :)

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